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Shawn Preston Magic

Magician, Mentalist, Sleight of Hand Ninja and Corporate Entertainer
About Shawn



Hailing from Colorado, Shawn Preston has been performing magic since the age of 5. Inspired by the mastery of David Copperfield and Doug Henning, Shawn has perfected his magic. With equal parts technical skill and dry witty humor, Shawn Preston has been delighting audiences for almost 2 decades. With clients like AT&T, Absolut Vodka, Ford, and the Denver Broncos, Shawn has brought his high octane banter and sleight-of-hand to special events all across the country.

With shows brimming with music, big laughs, and intrigue, Shawn Preston keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.


Providing a Range

of Corporate Entertainment Services

Think you have a good eye for uncovering the trick behind an illusion? Test your skills as Shawn mingles in with the crowd, performing amazing feats with ordinary items before your very eyes. Or enjoy a formal performance where Shawn guides your audience through moments of wonder and amazement. Now, people in the crowd will be able to take part in magic acts they have only seen on TV. With a combination of laughter and amazement, every single one of Shawn’s performances is a multi-faceted masterpiece designed to entertain even the toughest of crowds.


Strolling Magic

The most impressive way to experience magic is up close and personal. People enjoy being a part of the show and being able to experience extraordinary things while they happen right before their eyes. Shawn will mingle with your group, performing moments of amazement for your guests. You might see coins move impossibly from one person to another or a borrowed finger ring appearing in an impossible location. Strolling magic is the perfect way to break the ice amongst guests. It gets people interacting with one another and provides a shared experience that will keep them talking. This type of magic is flexible and perfect for all types of events and crowds of all sizes. Shawn’s unique talent and quick wit will be the talk of your event and will put a smile on every person’s face. Your guests will love it and you’ll be the hero for providing it.


Comedy Magic

This comedy magic experience will have your guests rolling with laughter. Shawn’s show  has been seen coast to coast and is full of magic, comedy and mind-reading with an emphasis on audience interaction. The magic is fun, engaging, sophisticated and 100% clean. Your guests will not only watch the show, but take part in it too. Tears of laughter will flow as Shawn “belly dances” and threads several razor blades, not with his stomach, but IN his stomach. Witness Shawn as he stabs a playing card with a pocket knife in mid air while wearing a paper bag on his head. This is an audience favorite that your guests will remember. See a $20 bill burned then later restored in an impossible location. See for yourself and put some real spice into your event with Shawn’s one of a kind performance! An experience like no other, the Stand Up Comedy and Magic Show should not to be missed!